Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First update of progress

Really enjoying stitching through the Halloween issue. I have all the back issues and have done this before, but never really got through the whole issue. I also want to do this with the Christmas Ornament issue. These issues are the main source for my stitching and I love it when the issues come out. Here's what I did so far. Finished one while camping and started on two more two days ago. I like to switch between two designs. The finished one isn't ironed or anything. I stitched it on Aida (I know, but I have ALOT of it and want to use it in the ornaments) and the other picture is the two I have started. I will wait and have a big finishing day for the ones I get done. This is so much fun!! What are you stitching on?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Stitching My Way Through JCS Halloween 2012

Often when I go on vacation or on a hockey trip, I will start a new project. It makes me look forward to my time away from home. I was so excited to get my copy of JCS Halloween 2012 and I started a project notebook to organize the charts I wanted to stitch. They are all wonderful, but some do not fit my house or my taste, but that's not to say that they aren't wonderful. So, I am going to stitch my way through the magazine. I started with Happy Halloween on page 15 and finished that on my camping trip last week. Now I am on Mr. Whiskers on page 14. I will update as I continue through the magazine. I planned to go exactly through the magazine, but I think I will skip around some. Anybody else out there stitching these great projects?