Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank You!

I loved all the responses I got and really liked the one about best two out of three. I think that's where I was in the decision making process. So, the decision was to see what happens next without making a decision. And, so far, it's been ok. It's good to hear what other people do in these times. Thanks!
It is a momentous day here and I must apologize to the people in my area. My youngest, number 5, took his road test and PASSED. He and Big Daddy are at the Secretary of State's office as I type getting the coveted LICENSE. How did this happen? It was only yesterday that he was a baby! Now he's a junior, football and hockey player and now a driver. Oh My.
I have pics of some projects and our mini-vacation that I will post soon. Also, went to the Casino in Canada last night for the first time (we are in a border town) and had a fabulous time. Came home with more money and that is always good. Only $12.00 more, but hey - that's fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Decisions, How do you make them?

Any help from out there is blogland on making big decisions? I have one to make regarding.......well, I can't say. I need to make a change but not sure if it's the right thing to do. Of course, I have already consulted Big Daddy, but he has basically left it up to me. It does not impact us financially (thank you Big Daddy) or anything like that, so he just says, "do what makes you happy". Problem is, I don't know that it will. I THINK it will, but do you see my problem? I wonder if any readers out there have a good way of looking at a situation and seeing what should be done. Hmmmm. I am open to suggestions. Also, I think I am going to put together a little giveaway. If I get to 50 readers, I will have a neat, stitchy gifty for one of my lucky readers. Help me out here people! Tell all your friends to sign up, even if it's only for the giveaway! LOL!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing Since May?? Really??

OK, once again I am a bad blogger, but I think I am now in my new groove. For those of you who have read that before, just have pity on me. LOL! Seriously, nothing bad has been going on, just life. I love to blog and I just need to put some effort into it. I seem to have gotten lazy in several aspects of my life. That has to change.
Football season is upon us for #5, #4 is living with his sister, #3 is still working full-time and has gotten me addicted to auctions, #2 has moved home for a little while, and #1 is going to graduate from massage therapy school in Dec. Big Daddy has been working alot and I am still at the job I can't blog about.
As I mentioned, I am now addicted to auctions and we (#3 and I) go every Wednesday. I don't think I have spent over $20.00, but really had a great time. And, it's something special that we get to do together.

Isn't this a great quote? It just sort of sums up some people. It made me smile. I hope no one takes offense.
I am starting to stitch more and hope to have some pictures of finishes soon. I have 2 scarves and several cross stitches and a few pillows on the go. Very excited about these new projects. I love the internet and all the wonderful ideas out there!! If you are into crafting and love graphics, check out There are terrific graphics on that site and I am going to use one off of her blog to make a french country pillow! I just have to find the time! Well, thanks for hanging in there with me. Take care and happy crafting!!