Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing Since May?? Really??

OK, once again I am a bad blogger, but I think I am now in my new groove. For those of you who have read that before, just have pity on me. LOL! Seriously, nothing bad has been going on, just life. I love to blog and I just need to put some effort into it. I seem to have gotten lazy in several aspects of my life. That has to change.
Football season is upon us for #5, #4 is living with his sister, #3 is still working full-time and has gotten me addicted to auctions, #2 has moved home for a little while, and #1 is going to graduate from massage therapy school in Dec. Big Daddy has been working alot and I am still at the job I can't blog about.
As I mentioned, I am now addicted to auctions and we (#3 and I) go every Wednesday. I don't think I have spent over $20.00, but really had a great time. And, it's something special that we get to do together.

Isn't this a great quote? It just sort of sums up some people. It made me smile. I hope no one takes offense.
I am starting to stitch more and hope to have some pictures of finishes soon. I have 2 scarves and several cross stitches and a few pillows on the go. Very excited about these new projects. I love the internet and all the wonderful ideas out there!! If you are into crafting and love graphics, check out There are terrific graphics on that site and I am going to use one off of her blog to make a french country pillow! I just have to find the time! Well, thanks for hanging in there with me. Take care and happy crafting!!

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  1. No one will be offended; no one thinks they're stupid. Stupid is for everyone else! :O