Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest is Going to Kill Me

OK, not literally - but I really wish I had the time, talent and money to do all the cool things I see and pin on Pinterest. It really is bringing me down! I feel like a failure, sometimes, that I don't have it all together like some bloggers and I am not able to do all the craft projects that I want to do. Anybody else have the Pinterest Blues? I try to be a happy, positive person most of the time, but recently I have been scattered and unable to finish projects and then I get down about myself. I think it's pre-menopause but I don't like the feeling. I do not like feeling like a failure. There are some days when I come home and just play Candy Crush and go to bed. I want to get out of this funk. We have guests coming from down south for the 4th weekend so I will have to get things done. I hope to get the craft room turned into a guest room and get the whole house guest ready in a few days. Maybe that will help me shake the blues. I hope so. Any advice?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Going Forward

A lot has been happening around our little neck of the woods. The youngest of our kids just graduated from high school (how did that happen - isn't he just 12? ) and has enlisted in the U.S. Navy. We are so very proud of him! He scored very high on the ASVAB and will pursue a career as an advanced electronics engineer. He is on a delayed entry program and won't leave until Nov. So, our life is really about to change. We are going from a hockey family to a military family. Also, I don't know if it is summer in your area, but summer seems to be lost in Michigan. I have had on a jacket every day this week! Today it rained and now this evening it is creepy foggy. I would like it a little warmer please. But not too much. I would be ok with not having to turn on my a.c.! We will be hosting a graduation/ anchors aweigh party for Chris the middle of July so I am planning all that. Also, started working full-time on a temporary basis at my work. It is a pilot program that goes until Aug 3 and I am not sure if it will continue after that. It's ok either way. Working full-time does put a crimp in my crafting, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning. Will leave you with a picture of our graduate.
Oh, and I am back to blogging. Honest!