Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He's In The Navy Now

Yep, he's gone. Yep, it was hard. Yep, I have lost my mind a little. Talk about conflicted! I have never felt so conflicted in my whole life. So very happy for him, so very sad for me. I did good - I didn't cry, but we were supposed to go the next day to the MEPS center and watch his swearing in, but I just couldn't say goodbye twice. He understood and let me off the hook. I will be forever grateful for that. I was going to probably cry the ugly cry. That's probably why he said I didn't have to go - he knows what that is like and it aint pretty! So yesterday was the day. Today I am fine. I don't know about tomorrow. We will see. I am just sending him good thoughts and I know that he will do a great job. This is the official moment he swore in, courtesy of his girlfriend. I hope you all keep him and all the other new recruits in your thoughts and prayers. I would certainly appreciate it! There is now more time to stitch and suddenly, more food in the fridge! Those of you with teenage boys know how they can go through food. See, I have to look at the positives!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Wardrobe Changeover Time

It's the time of the year that I hate the most (besides when "they" take my hour away) and it is time to say goodbye to the sundresses, shorts, tanks, capris, bathing suites and, perhaps most painful of all, the flip flops. If you live in the North, you know what I mean. If you are in the South, this is puzzling to you. Trust me, it's nothing you need to know about. It is the time of year when I start plotting my return to the South. And, believe you me, I will. In a few years, I am thinking. So, I spent the day saying adios to Lilly Pulitzer and other cute things. Depressing. Hello to turtlenecks, sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, sweaters and flannel pj's. I would like to say it's nice to see you, but I would totally be lying.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

They Said The "S" Word

They being weather forecasters and the "s" word being snow. Already? Well, I guess it is October. Wait, it's the almost November! They said by the end of the month we would see some flakes. I guess the sooner it gets here, the sooner it will be over. Have I mentioned a time or ten that I really, really don't like winter? If I had my way, we would be moving back to TN but last year they got more snow than we did! I guess I will just have to try to get used to it. But, it's been 8 years and so far, it's still bad. I might have a finish or two coming up at the end of the weekend! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inching Forward

Well, we are getting closer to our son's departure. He leaves on Nov 4 and we will go to Troy, MI to say goodbye to him on the morning of the 5th. I promise I will not use this blog to post sad comments. Any mom or dad out there will know how I feel. I like to keep these things inside, which is probably why I have problems with my blood pressure! LOL! Anyway, I have had a job change and now I work for Early Head Start as a Home Visitor and Family Advocate. I have been at it for awhile and the change is good. Very good. It's nice to use the degree that has cost me a fortune! I still am finding time to stitch. That will never change. I think now, more than ever, I will need to stitch. It clears my mind. Since I work out of my car, I have some down time between families. I am going to try to take my stitching with me and get going on some projects that need finishing. I will take some pictures of the place that is close to my work where I plan to stitch. I have the prettiest commute to work ever! So peaceful. It's where I do a lot of my thinking. Oh, no! Not thinking! Sometimes that gets me in trouble!! If you are still hanging on to this blog, I thank you. At least I don't post about every living thing like some bloggers like to do. Sheesh! Some of them are so very "chatty". Not this one! I am lucky to post every 6 months, but I might try to do better. No promises, though. This is the thought of the week - go forth and be kind!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest is Going to Kill Me

OK, not literally - but I really wish I had the time, talent and money to do all the cool things I see and pin on Pinterest. It really is bringing me down! I feel like a failure, sometimes, that I don't have it all together like some bloggers and I am not able to do all the craft projects that I want to do. Anybody else have the Pinterest Blues? I try to be a happy, positive person most of the time, but recently I have been scattered and unable to finish projects and then I get down about myself. I think it's pre-menopause but I don't like the feeling. I do not like feeling like a failure. There are some days when I come home and just play Candy Crush and go to bed. I want to get out of this funk. We have guests coming from down south for the 4th weekend so I will have to get things done. I hope to get the craft room turned into a guest room and get the whole house guest ready in a few days. Maybe that will help me shake the blues. I hope so. Any advice?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Going Forward

A lot has been happening around our little neck of the woods. The youngest of our kids just graduated from high school (how did that happen - isn't he just 12? ) and has enlisted in the U.S. Navy. We are so very proud of him! He scored very high on the ASVAB and will pursue a career as an advanced electronics engineer. He is on a delayed entry program and won't leave until Nov. So, our life is really about to change. We are going from a hockey family to a military family. Also, I don't know if it is summer in your area, but summer seems to be lost in Michigan. I have had on a jacket every day this week! Today it rained and now this evening it is creepy foggy. I would like it a little warmer please. But not too much. I would be ok with not having to turn on my a.c.! We will be hosting a graduation/ anchors aweigh party for Chris the middle of July so I am planning all that. Also, started working full-time on a temporary basis at my work. It is a pilot program that goes until Aug 3 and I am not sure if it will continue after that. It's ok either way. Working full-time does put a crimp in my crafting, shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning. Will leave you with a picture of our graduate.
Oh, and I am back to blogging. Honest!