Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some finishes, some stash and WIP's

Here are some of the finishes I've had in the last 2 days. I've had alot of wait time at the rink and outside time on the front porch stitching. It gives me something to occupy my mind, which tends to race with what if's and buts and OMG's. Here is some stash that I got yesterday. I had a big sale on ebay which allowed me to get some things off of my wishlist.

Here are some WIP's - I have several projects that are near completion. I'm sure I will get some stuff done on the 12 hour trip to TN, but no stitching on the way back, as I have to drive. Boo,hiss.

I'll be back on Friday with an update on the move. Everything is ready at their new house here and now it's just a matter of getting down there, getting the kids in the car and coming home! Yeah!! I promise this blog won't turn into an obnoxious grandma blog, but I just might have to blog occaisonally about them until the newness wears off! LOL! Take care friends - I looove having this place to share my thoughts.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stress Stitching

Well, this will be some week. Here is the schedule - Monday- hockey camp in Canada, Tuesday - pack for trip, Wed - leave for TN, Thurs - back from TN with 4 extra people and a moving van, Friday - spend the day with my grandchildren! Anything can happen, but that is the plan for now. I stitch alot when I'm under stress and I have alot of little projects I am finishing now. I'll show tonight or tomorrow. My patriotic stitching is coming along nicely. This time next year I should have a large collection and a very cute 4th of July tree. We have alot of home improvements coming up here that I will blog about after all the moving gets out of the way. Oh, #2 is moving out (he's 21 almost 22) on July 15th. I'm so happy that he found a really nice apartment and it's not far. Just downtown, really. This will be so exciting for him! I will miss him, but it's time. You know? Take care, friends. If I keep stitching at this rate I may need some care packages of charts to stitch! I can't imagine going through my stash, but I guess anything can happen! LOL!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, and to all my Southern Friends

Our temp here is 76 degrees and the humidity is 31%. I see that in TN it is 93 degrees. I know that someone will remind me of this in the winter, but I love Michigan weather! I can breathe here in the summer! LOL!

Happy Friday!!

Well, this will be a mishmash of topics today. You know how I am with blogger and pictures, but I will do my best to get the relevant picture with the words. I am not be successful. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. I'll start out with my new hobby of finding cheap chic! The outfits I put together in these pictures were $3.00 for the pink and green skirt and shirts and $5.00 for the other outfit. That's total, people!! I love the Goodwill. Besides getting great clothes sometimes (not always, but the hunt is fun), it's a really great organization.
These are name brand, too - Ann Taylor skirts, Gap shirts and the sweater is J.Jill. Love the bargains!!

Next, we have a frugal finish. I bought two frames for $1.67 each at the Salvation Army (Sal's Boutique). I took out the picture and framed one of my small samplers. It's a freebie from Barrick Designs. Love it!! The olive green in the frame is a match to my laundry room color. I don't know what I'm putting in the other frame, probably another small sampler, since I love them. Above is the before and after.
Here are some finishes I've done - one last night and one I don't remember when but I found it in a drawer. Summer Day is a freebie from Sampler Girl and I finished it last night for my patriotic tree. Alot of the stash I' am getting is for this tree. I'm so excited! And here's the other -

Probably done in the 80's. Well, that' s all for now. Thanks for all the comments that you all send me. It's great to hear from anyone!! LOL!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remember the Mysterious Situation? Well.......

I didn't want to jinx it, but it worked out that #1 is moving from TN here to MI! And she's bringing my grandyounguns (Little Man and Pretty Princess) with her! Yes, my only daughter and her boyfriend (who will now to refered to as The Marine) will be moving in just 2 streets away on July 1! Oh, there is so much to do between now and then, but I'm just so thankful that it's worked out. The earthquake that was felt here in MI by SOME (I didn't feel it) was really heaven and earth moving, which is about what it took to get this all worked out!! Well, there will probably be some blog material from this, as we are known for our drama here. I'll be back tomorrow and I promise that I will have some finishes. Iordered some great new stash and I am really stitching alot right now. It helps with the stress!!

Oh My Word, The Woman Does Not Give Up!

Update on the nervous-breakdown inducing pillows that my Mom is trying to make. She is starting on the one for my Aunt (I hope you're not reading this AL) - and she is not happy just to do the straight stitch that I did around the heart. Oh, no. She is attempting a blanket stitch. On an already stuffed pillow. Heaven help us. I feel a Skype session coming. If she remembers her password. LMAO!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long

Camping with Big Daddy was so much fun and a much needed break. This is my idea of camping, with a kitchen, air, tv and a bathroom. Also, they have great take-out pizza close! We had a little visitor on the porch. Big Daddy took him back to the woods. I'm just glad it wasn't a snake. When the boys go, they stay in a tent. That's fun, too, but I like the comforts of home.

I was on a roll with postings, but things (aka life) got in the way. Well, I'm back and here's a catch up post. I have to tell you a funny story about my Mom. She called me the other day and said, " I'm having a nervous breakdown and you have to help me." Ok, is this about my grandmother who is not well or my step-dad who periodically drives her slightly insane? "We must Skype NOW!" Oh Lord. So, the big problem was that she bought a pillow for the Fourth of July and wanted to make one like it for me and my Aunt. She didn't know how to sew the applique on the front. Now that my heart was beating again, we figured it out and then she decided she would send it to me and let me stitch it on. So, I got a do-it-yourself gift. LOL! It's so cute and sewing on the applique to an already stuffed pillow took some patience, but it's done and very cute!! I'll post a picture when I finish my tablescapes. I also have a before and after framing finish and a few small finishes. Nothing big, but progress. Summer hockey starts tonight! Yeah!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ebay listings

Just to let you cross stitchers know - I have listed some charts on ebay. There are 2 Blackbird Designs and a great Birds of a Feather design. My ebay seller id is usedtobegood. Take a look!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, here are the tablescapes in progress. I have to do the centerpiece and there are some things to add, but these are the basic tables. I'd love to put assorted red, white and blue candies in the bowls for the dining room, but I have 4 boys in this house.Oh, 5 counting Big Daddy. They would look cute for about 2 minutes. Maybe less. Anyway.
Getting ready to go to the cabin this weekend and kick off summer. It's just Big Daddy and I this time. When the kids get out of school, we'll go frequently this summer. I'm taking some projects to try to finish. We'll see.
Last night I watched "Young Victoria". It was very good.
Hmmmm, trying to think of anything else that's going on here. Not much. We do have a family situation that needs to resolve itself by the end of the month. I thought it was all done, but not. I know I'm being mysterious, but I need to see how things are going to work out before I let out any details. It's good, very good, if it works out. I just don't want to jinx anything.
Oh, I sold some old charts on ebay and got $26.99 for one and almost $30.00 for the other!! I have some other ones that I will be putting on after we get back. I used my paypal account to do some stash enhancement. I will show you what I got later. The charts I sold were Blackbird designs that are out of print, I think. Who knew? I hope I have a few more that go like that!! LOL!
Well, take care and thanks for reading. Please send good thoughts our way on the "mystery situation". I need to relax in the worst way.  Bye for now!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I Should Be Doing vs. What I Am Doing Today

I SHOULD be doing nothing but cleaning. My sewing room is scary, my kitchen needs work and there is laundry. Oh, my word, there is laundry. However, I am resisting the urge and I am going to set up my tables for the summer season today. Patriotic first, then later in the summer I have some really cute bright colored (which is totallly not something I'm used to) accessories for a late summer tablescape. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I wish I had more self-control to do useful things. But I don't. So there.
Ok, I will get my cleaning done. If not, there is no way I can sew in my sewing room tomorrow and I have some great finishes to get done, thanks to the Stanley Cup Finals (Go Chicago) and hockey camp. Spring hockey season just ended and camp started last night ........ in Canada! Who takes their kid to another country for camp? AWESOME parents like us, that's who. Well, I do have to admit that going to Canada for us is like going to the next town over for most people. We live on the border and it's just a really big bridge away! But anyway it's a great experience for #5 and he did well last night. He's so committed. Well, I've put it off long enough. I have to get some work done. Take care and I'll post pics this evening!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some finishes!

I think I am over my garage sale trauma now. Thanks for all the comments on my posts, y'all. I'm glad that I have a few readers and I hope that you will continue to comment. Ok, here are the promised finishes. Well, the stitching is finished, but I really liked these projects and I'd like to get them FINISHED by the end of the weekend. The top and bottom stitches are from Heart in Hand Summer Fobs. The middle one is Blackbird Designs. I really liked this design and I have it almost stitched again in brown for a pillow on my bed. I think I will finish the blue one as a pincushion. I have some great backing fabric for this one. The blue I used is DMC 3750. I LOVE that color. I'd love to do a guest room in that blue. Maybe someday. I have alot of red and white that I am collecting for a red and white bedroom. I even have red and white gingham sheets! Well, take care all.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Truly May Never Garage Sale Again

Ok, I started this story earlier so now I'll tell you what happened. I stopped at a few garage sales in our area on Fri. and alas, the garage sale gods were not with me. Not a problem. On my way home, I saw a small sign for an estate sale. Yipee, I thought. Checked out the stuff in the front yard and was told by a nice young man to check out the inside. Everything was for sale even the house! Don't think I could fit that in the Focus, but wondered what was inside, as this sale was obviously for an older lady (macrame, need I say more?). There were 2 little old ladies inside that told me to look around and ask about any prices. The owner had, unfortunately, recently passed and everything had to go. Even the house. Ok, I get that part. Went in her little bedroom and ...... wait for it..... the ladies' teeth were still in the cup by her bed! Ewww. The older lady pushing the house sale noticed it about the same time I did and just shrugged and said, "That's what we get for putting a man in charge." Then, to make things even more interesting, I opened a drawer on a dresser that they did have a good price on and her "drawers" were still in there. Well, I just left. Note to self - make sure I put a woman in charge of my stuff when I go and make absolute sure that my undies do not become garage sale fodder. That just isn't appropriate. LOL! I will explain the appropriate comment in a later post. I know, the fun never ends!!