Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Well, this will be a mishmash of topics today. You know how I am with blogger and pictures, but I will do my best to get the relevant picture with the words. I am not be successful. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. I'll start out with my new hobby of finding cheap chic! The outfits I put together in these pictures were $3.00 for the pink and green skirt and shirts and $5.00 for the other outfit. That's total, people!! I love the Goodwill. Besides getting great clothes sometimes (not always, but the hunt is fun), it's a really great organization.
These are name brand, too - Ann Taylor skirts, Gap shirts and the sweater is J.Jill. Love the bargains!!

Next, we have a frugal finish. I bought two frames for $1.67 each at the Salvation Army (Sal's Boutique). I took out the picture and framed one of my small samplers. It's a freebie from Barrick Designs. Love it!! The olive green in the frame is a match to my laundry room color. I don't know what I'm putting in the other frame, probably another small sampler, since I love them. Above is the before and after.
Here are some finishes I've done - one last night and one I don't remember when but I found it in a drawer. Summer Day is a freebie from Sampler Girl and I finished it last night for my patriotic tree. Alot of the stash I' am getting is for this tree. I'm so excited! And here's the other -

Probably done in the 80's. Well, that' s all for now. Thanks for all the comments that you all send me. It's great to hear from anyone!! LOL!


  1. Great finds, Lisa! I love it when I can give an something old a new life :)

  2. Wonderful finds! And I love how your sampler looks with that frame! Beautiful stitching too!!!

  3. I love those frames! I saw a couple with that green color, but bigger and wanted to change paint colors just to have something they'd go with!

  4. I ALWAYS find new or like new Ann Taylor Loft skirts, etc. while thrifting!