Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long

Camping with Big Daddy was so much fun and a much needed break. This is my idea of camping, with a kitchen, air, tv and a bathroom. Also, they have great take-out pizza close! We had a little visitor on the porch. Big Daddy took him back to the woods. I'm just glad it wasn't a snake. When the boys go, they stay in a tent. That's fun, too, but I like the comforts of home.

I was on a roll with postings, but things (aka life) got in the way. Well, I'm back and here's a catch up post. I have to tell you a funny story about my Mom. She called me the other day and said, " I'm having a nervous breakdown and you have to help me." Ok, is this about my grandmother who is not well or my step-dad who periodically drives her slightly insane? "We must Skype NOW!" Oh Lord. So, the big problem was that she bought a pillow for the Fourth of July and wanted to make one like it for me and my Aunt. She didn't know how to sew the applique on the front. Now that my heart was beating again, we figured it out and then she decided she would send it to me and let me stitch it on. So, I got a do-it-yourself gift. LOL! It's so cute and sewing on the applique to an already stuffed pillow took some patience, but it's done and very cute!! I'll post a picture when I finish my tablescapes. I also have a before and after framing finish and a few small finishes. Nothing big, but progress. Summer hockey starts tonight! Yeah!


  1. You camp about like I do! I could handle that kind of visitor too. I look forward to more pics.

  2. My idea of camping is the Hilton! My boys are/were scouts so they and my dh did a lot of camping ~ so not for me. Love the visitor you had though!

    I think I've given my mom some make it yourself gifts but don't believe I've ever gotten one. Too funny!

  3. Yeah, my summer of camping at Lake Josephine near Sebring, FL was about all the camping I ever need. We literally spent the entire summer in tents! NEVER again will I camp!!! LOL

  4. I'm not a camper either, Lisa, but I do love a cottage by a lake--and your little visitor is so cute--hope he didn't bite!