Monday, June 28, 2010

Stress Stitching

Well, this will be some week. Here is the schedule - Monday- hockey camp in Canada, Tuesday - pack for trip, Wed - leave for TN, Thurs - back from TN with 4 extra people and a moving van, Friday - spend the day with my grandchildren! Anything can happen, but that is the plan for now. I stitch alot when I'm under stress and I have alot of little projects I am finishing now. I'll show tonight or tomorrow. My patriotic stitching is coming along nicely. This time next year I should have a large collection and a very cute 4th of July tree. We have alot of home improvements coming up here that I will blog about after all the moving gets out of the way. Oh, #2 is moving out (he's 21 almost 22) on July 15th. I'm so happy that he found a really nice apartment and it's not far. Just downtown, really. This will be so exciting for him! I will miss him, but it's time. You know? Take care, friends. If I keep stitching at this rate I may need some care packages of charts to stitch! I can't imagine going through my stash, but I guess anything can happen! LOL!

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