Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some finishes!

I think I am over my garage sale trauma now. Thanks for all the comments on my posts, y'all. I'm glad that I have a few readers and I hope that you will continue to comment. Ok, here are the promised finishes. Well, the stitching is finished, but I really liked these projects and I'd like to get them FINISHED by the end of the weekend. The top and bottom stitches are from Heart in Hand Summer Fobs. The middle one is Blackbird Designs. I really liked this design and I have it almost stitched again in brown for a pillow on my bed. I think I will finish the blue one as a pincushion. I have some great backing fabric for this one. The blue I used is DMC 3750. I LOVE that color. I'd love to do a guest room in that blue. Maybe someday. I have alot of red and white that I am collecting for a red and white bedroom. I even have red and white gingham sheets! Well, take care all.

1 comment:

  1. I love DMC 3750, too, Lisa, so your BBD finish is particularly lovely. I am a blue and white addict :)