Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Table Setting!

I bought some napkins rings a long time ago that were very unique. They are shaped like crowns or tiaras! There were 5 but when I set my breakfast table, I only need 4. I thought maybe to use them for my granddaughter's birthday or Mother's Day or something. However, with the Royal Wedding, I set the table and used them. I love them! I totally laid out of work to watch the wedding and I even teared up a little bit! Loved everything about the day!! Here is a picture of the table and a closeup of the napkin ring.

Busy at work and stitching has been light these days. I am knitting washcloths for both of our bathrooms and that is what I am working on when I get a minute. Easy to pick up and put down. Will post some pics of the bathroom redo soon. Still have alot of work to do in there - one thing leads to another, right?

Well, will post again soon. I am starting to do couponing again and I look forward to posting the bargains I hope to get. I also have some stitching I need to start and I really am looking forward to getting some house projects done. I have to remember the before pictures - sometimes I forget!
Take care!!

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