Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Oh good heavens, I have been busy. As soon as I say that I am returning to blogging, everything turns upside down and there is much to do. Not bad stuff, just every day stuff. We are trying to find a house to rent at the end of the summer because we think we have a buyer for our house. So, we are cleaning and getting things in order to make this happen. That is the biggest thing I am dealing with right now. In the cleaning spirit, I cleaned out my stitching bag. I have 3 actually but this one is the one that has the most in it. Here is the list of the UFO's in this bag -
  1. Prairie Schooler Boo To You - there's 9 designs
  2. Blackbird Designs - Remember Me
  3. Just Cross Stitch -Candy Corn Witch
  4. The Stitcherhood - Expressions: Halloween  there are 8 and I have 2 stitched
  5. Just Cross Stitch - Autum Harvest Needleroll
  6. A Christmas Ornament freebie from the internet
  7. Just Cross Stitch - We Lift Up Our Hearts in Thanksgiving
  8. Lizzie Kate - Good Things Come To Those Who Stitch
  9. Blackbird Designs - Casting a Spell Stitching Box/Pincushion
These are all in various states of stitching. Ugh. I am going to power through these and see how many I can finish by the end of the month. And, I am doing a ribbon wreath at the same time. Stay tuned - at the end of this adventure I need to get rid of all these charts. There will be a giveaway coming soon and another one as I finish. Also, there may be some charts listed to sell. Wish me luck!!

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  1. How are these coming along? I'd love to see some pics if you get a chance.