Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beginning the Transformation!

Well, we still have some stuff in boxes but for the most part, we are in. Our internet/phone has barely worked since we moved in but we had someone come out the end of the week that MAYBE knew what he was doing and we have had consistent internet/phone for the last 3 days. Here's hoping it stays! It's so sad how dependent I am on the internet.

We had a birthday party for the granddaughter that is now 4 last Thursday, so we had to spruce up the place pronto. Big Daddy did a great job on the front. Here are some before pictures of the front, affectionately known as the putting green. It was truly horrible.

Underneath the green indoor/outdoor carpet, we found very nice concrete slabs. We cleaned them up, swept up all the muck underneath and, viola - a much better front of the house. It looks so good! It was alot of work, but totally worth it! Here is the finished results.

We had 17 people for the birthday party, all in the family room downstairs and there was plently of room. That's what we needed - a party space! Next time, I will start going room by room with some of the changes. Believe it or not, I made the blue toilet work for me! Just wait till you see it!!

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