Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Did you ever have one of those days where you just felt unsettled?? Just not right. I have been having more and more of those days lately. Maybe I am pre-menopausal or something, but I really want to ditch this feeling. Maybe it's my crazy obsession with the news - the hurricane, the election, the economy... Yeah, that could do it. Or maybe I am just in a blue mood. Either way, I need to stop. I don't even want to be around me! LOL!
So, I got the giveaway package and it is so funny, cause the winner lives fairly close to me!! Who knew? Blogging is so neat! My next project is to list some of my old patterns on ebay and I am signing up to do Country Cottage Needleworks Santa's Village. There will be one pattern a month. The first one is really cute. I am not doing them all on one piece of fabric - I think I will make them individually and make ornaments. I would love to someday have a tree with just my stitched ornaments on it. I have alot, but it takes a ton! I will stitch on Halloween until Black Friday and then I will make the transition over to Christmas. Sometimes I stitch an autumn or thanksgiving theme, but I really haven't found anything this year to float my boat. This year's obsession is definately Halloween! I will probably stitch something Halloween all year round.
We are still getting the garage in order and then I will post more pictures of house progress. We have a few projects that I need to get done before the holidays, so I need to get myself in gear. My hours are picking up at work - I work retail- and I usually take all the hours I can to pay for Christmas. Just a note - when you are Christmas or holiday shopping this year, please remember that the sales person isn't responsible for you waiting till the last minute to find the perfect gift and I really don't like picking up coffee cups from the tables of merchandise. Be nice. You would be surprised at the way some people act.
Getting lots of stitching done and will probably have some pics on Friday. I think I will have one finished today! It's a quick stitch, again from the JCS magazine!! What is everyone else out there stitching??


  1. Oh my - how I recognise that unsettled feeling! I don't always know why I feel that way sometimes, I just do, and nothing will shake me from it. I sit idly, bemoaning the fact that I'm just sitting idly but doing nothing about it. Heyho! It does pass though, maybe your new project will do it! Good luck. Irene xxx

  2. I recognize that unsettled feeling too - I have a lot of days like that. I don't know why it happens, but here in Michigan is could be all the cloudy days and just needing some light in our lives. It could be the time of the year too - getting close to the holidays and so much to do. Hope that your mood passes soon!! And yes, it's so wonderful to discover that bloggers live close to each other!! :o)

  3. I hope the blues pass soon. I am having the same feeling. Mostly due to work, and not knowing what will happen in a couple of weeks. I can't even settle down to stitch. Sigh..
    I can't wait to see your stitching :)