Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Bit of This for A Little Bit of That

We had to do this in TN:
To do this in Michigan:
Just to be clear - the kids did not ride in the moving truck. Everyone is moved in and settled. Most days I walk the 2 streets over and have a visit with Little Man, Pretty Princess and #1. DD is even learning to cross stitch! Life is good!


  1. The kids look like they're having a great time, Lisa! And learning to cross stitch - YEAH!!!

  2. Boy, does that first photo bring back memories for me, Lisa. When we first moved from Buffalo, NY to the tiny town I grew up in my brother and I played and played in the U-haul loaded with household items... AND, if I remember correctly, my dad even let us ride in it a short distance!

    You are so lucky to have grandchildren so close--enjoy each moment :)