Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When Do We Get Back To "Normal"?

I have a small thing about chaos. Don't like it. Makes me anxious, so needless to say this past week has just about put me in the bed! But, after today at 4:30 at least I will know how to plan my week. And today is Tuesday. I usually do this on Sun, but Monday was a holiday for almost everybody. I got jury duty for the month and this little bit of civic duty has just played havoc with my schedule. Hopefully tonight we will have the glorious schedule and all will be well. And apparently we must apologize to all of Michigan for bringing back heat and humidity from TN with #1, the Marine, Little Man and Pretty Princess. I don't know how it slipped into the moving truck, but I'm arranging to FedEx it back where it belongs. As soon as I can schedule it.
In stitching news, there will be some glorious show and tell soon as I have been so stressed that I have stitched myself into a frenzy! There is an upside to all this, I think! Well, take care and keep cool.


  1. Aw, don't feel so bad about bringing the heat and humidity to Michigan. We/They are used to humidity levels being high during this time of year (I say "we" because I am a Michigander). Just wait until "Indian Summer" kicks in. LOL

    Best thing to do: keep plenty of cold drinks around and keep the hose ready for those times when you just want to get wet and cool off outdoors!

  2. I like order, too, Lisa!! Just makes me crazy when things don't go according to plan...

    Have fun at jury duty--hopefully, you'll be able to get a lot of stitching in while waiting around!