Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here are some pics!

Here are just a few pics of one wall and my desk area in my new craft room.I ws going to wait until the room is a little neater, but I'll just show them as a work in progress! LOL1 The other 2 areas in the room need some sprucing before pictures, so I'll show them later. I LOVE ORGANIZATION! I hope to get all the boxes labeled at some point and even have all the materials for one type of craft on one shelf - cross stitch, beads, yarns, etc. That might take me awhile! Anyway, here they are and one of a finish! It's a Little House Needleworks All Dolled Up ornament. LOVE these! I'm doing alot of prep stitching - that's what I call it at least. I happen to love one color cross stitches and have recently aquired 2 from Blackbird designs. I did all the stitches going in one direction so that when it's football practice or hockey practice or in the car, I don't have to concentrate on a pattern. Just take it out and stitch. I try to have several of these ready to go for the summer. Well, talk to you soon! Oh, I just posted alot of cross stitch and quilting patterns for sale on ebay - I'm destashing. Before I restash! LOL!


  1. Very nice room, so far! I love your desk area ;).

  2. Great craft room! If it was all tidy then you wouldn't be stitching as much...what's more important anyway?? LOL

  3. That looks like such a fun room, Lisa! It must be so nice to have a room to call your own... Your LHN finish is sweet--don't you love that bear?