Thursday, April 29, 2010

He's Taken

The other night I was sitting in bed stitching. I am doing a quick project from Blackbird Designs called Bird In Hand. I try to start my day with stitching and end my day with stitching. Anyhoo, this was one of the evenings that Big Daddy was home. He works out of town and is gone alot, so I'm more used to him being gone than being home. So, he's sitting beside me in bed watching me stitch and talking. Then, out of the blue, he puts his hand under my chart. What the....? I said, "What are you doing?". He replied, with a totally straight face. "Bird in Hand - get it?" Oh.My.Word.
Sorry, ladies, he's taken. LOL!!!


  1. Hey, at least he's trying to actively participate in one of your hobbies, right?! Too funny!

  2. That is so funny! I just found your blog through another blog and wanted to say hi. It's fun to find other bloggers who live in Michigan!!

  3. That's true Julie - at least he tries. He's a wonderful husband and I really love him alot - he's just funny sometimes!
    Hi Deb - where are you in on the mitten? I'm in the thumb. You have to be living in Michigan to know what we are talking about, people! LOL! I love holding up my hand and saying, " I live here!!" Thanks for readinG!!

  4. Hi Lisa! What a funny story! I am so glad you visited my blog - I am going to spend some time going back thru your posts as well. You , Deb (in your comment above) and I all from Michigan! Have a great weekend!