Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Has This Ever Happened to You?

If you don't personally know me, you need to know that I am a bit of a pack-rat. Not hoarder - those are people who need tv intervention, but I just KEEP things. And, I stash things. Weeelllll, I opened a box that was labeled office supplies and I found 6 stitched christmas ornaments just waiting to be finished! LoL! I knew I had done one of the designs in this booklet - turns out I did them all but one. OK here's the weird thing though. I'm currently stitching the one I didn't stitch earlier. That's right, I started with the knowledge that I was going to have to stitch all of them and started with the only one I actually NEEDED to stitch. Hmmmmm. Oh well. Looks like I can take those off the list and add the 50thousand others I have on my list!! I'll post pictures soon.

1 comment:

  1. Very good work on "subconsciously" figuring out which one wasn't stitched yet! That is just too funny. I think I am a pack-rat, but no one can tell me otherwise. I think the sign for me is that I need to rent a storage unit just for the things I absolutely must keep., really, there just isn't enough space in this single-wide trailer, but I still have more things to store away.

    Looking forward to the pictures!