Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I love thrift stores. I try to visit often, because it's usually feast or famine for me. Well, this past week I think I got a good deal. There is a new Goodwill store at our end of town now and then there's a Salvation Army store in the downtown area. This particular haul came from the Sal's Boutique, as I like to call it. The top photo does not have the clothes I got for .50 each. I got 2 sleeveless R. Lauren polo shirts in pink and yellow, a skirt for a bathing suit, 4 pairs of dress pants from Old Navy and Gap. The other stiff I got was a basket, several boutique boxes that were marked $4.99 from the original shop, a little wooden stand , a whole set of vintage smocked valances for my granddaughter's room and a buckweat hull pillow. Two vintage linen hand made with lace table runners and a wicker photo frame. How much? $14.00 for all.Yeah!!

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  1. Great Thrift store finds, that not something I've even tried to do, Thrifting.