Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's almost done!

I have been working on organizing my sewing room and it's almost done. I will have pictures by the end of the week and I'm so excited!! Just the bit I have done is an improvement. The room is right off of our master bedroom and is a nice space that I can totally devote to crafting. The goal is to get all of the stuff that is around the house in one spot. I'e also been very productive in the stitching area, as well. Finishing Friday will have to be Sat, because I have to work, but I should have several things to show. I mailed Carol's winnings off and Michelle's April goodie to her. Feels good to get stuff done! We are in spring hockey and there is a game tonight. That's good stitching time, too. All that waiting at the rink = stitches done!! Well, I'll be back to update soon. I'm excited to show the pictures!


  1. I wish I would/could use my crafting room. I tend to stay out of it right now because the cat's litter tray is in there. I have an elderly cat who can't go up and down stairs anymore so until he is no longer with us the litter tray is in that room, being a small room at times the smell is not to plesant so I tend to stay out of there.

  2. Your sewing room sounds heavenly, Lisa! Wish I could manage to organize my things in just one location--maybe some day.

    I posted a photo of your wonderful giveaway surprise on my blog, today... Thank you again, so very much. I just love the fob and the darling pin cushion :)