Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not The Best Pickup Line In The World

This was overheard last night in a local gas station - "Aye, how yo babies?" He then proceeded to ask the girl to a party. She said, "Nah, been working all day. You know how it is. No, you don't but I'm tired." Too funny.
Our trip up north was successful and fun. We came in 5th place, not bad considering we played up a division and there were some kids that looked like they had a wife and children in the stands. BIG boys. Found a great little teacher's shop and got some great stuff for Easter for my work and had a fun time at the ski lodge. Last night, the boys won their semi-final game and we play next Sunday for our league championship and we are going to the state championship in Jackson! This is a busy time for hockey families, with the season winding up.
I hope to post some pictures soon of the projects I have finished and the Blackbird book I got - Divine! Take care, friends.

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  1. Congrats to the boys, Lisa! I know what you mean about the size of some of the boys that play - WHAT do their moms feed them?