Monday, March 14, 2011

OK, That's It.....

So you ever just get fed up with stuff? Not big stuff, but all the little stuff that just pecks away at you? Arghhh, that's the kind of mood that I am in. I am going to clean house, both literally and figuratively and get myself back in order. Alot of it has to do with my job. It was supposed to be a few hours a day, but has turned into a more-than-full-time sort of thing. And I am in charge, which is more stressful than you would think. Even for me and I like to be in charge. So, I am getting it together. We are going to start on some house redo's and I hope that it will be a good experience. I will blog about them and I am trying to remember to take before and after pictures. I have way to much clutter and I feel a purge coming on. Things have to change. Does this sound like a pep talk? Well, I guess it is.
Had a fun weekend - spent time with the little man and pretty princess on Saturday and Sunday drove to Southfield, MI where #5 had a hockey game for their league championships AND THEY WON! 7-2! Yeah! Big banner and trophy and Tigers tickets, oh my! Next weekend is the State Championships in Jackson, MI. Thanks for the tips on the cross stitch shop there! I look forward to going and getting some stash, for sure.
OK, off to start the first house project. Our master bathroom is (wait for it) .....carpeted. Yuck. I know. So, the carpet is coming out and new tile is going in. We will do everything else from this tile and we are very excited about the new floor. The same tile is going in the rest of the house to replace the nasty carpet, as well. Only the kitchen floor, second bath and laundry room floors are staying. They are still in good shape and they look good with the new tiles. Well, off to move stuff out of the bathroom and wait for Big Daddy to tear up the carpet! I am so excited!! Wish us luck!
Oh, the ornament tree arrived, but I haven't had a chance to put it up yet. Maybe tomorrow~!


  1. Go Team! That's wonderful. I bet it was thrilling to watch. Good luck with the State Championships and I hope you get to make it to the cross stitch store there.

    House projects are the pits seriously, but they'l be done in no time and you'll be so happy that it's finished.

  2. Woo Woo!! Good job in Southfield and Good Luck in Jackson (and have fun at In Stitches!!!).

    Yea, purging sounds like a great idea right about now! Have fun with your house remodeling and do share pics!