Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Not Nearly As Much Fun

Undecorating, that is. The house will look so depressing without the tree and the decorations, but it's time for everything to come down. I have some snowman things that will go up for January, but I don't have all that much. I need to add to the collection. I have a wonderful quilt that my Mom made for me that has a different snowman for every month - I will post a picture tomorrow. I will look for some other things in the Christmas Clearance sales that are going on. When I get everything done, I will post a picture. Had a wonderful lunch at Chili's with Big Daddy and then we got our errands done. I have picked up a cold from somewhere and I wish it had a gift receipt. I would definately return it. It's really cold here and we're supposed to get an inch of snow tonight and another inch tomorrow. I don't want to move in the winter, so we will wait to start looking for a house, unless we just find a wonderful, perfect house for a great price. I am sure that we will find the right thing in the spring. I don't work much this week, so I hope to get more done around the house. See you tomorrow!!

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