Friday, January 8, 2010

Now I Know That I NEED Sleep

I'm not really a violent person, but going on just a few hours of not-that-great sleep is not for me. I always knew that I needed a good amount of sleep, but now I know that I really NEED it. I am doing inventory at my work and we were at it until 3:30 AM this morning. I have to go back for 9:30 pm until sometime after 4:00 am tonight. I'm off tomorrow, so hopefully I will get a little more sleep. I appreciate the hours at work, though. I was just seasonal help and they asked me to stay on just as on-call, but I have 21 hours next week and 15 hours the next. That's about perfect. And, I still get my employee discount. That made for a very nice Christmas. I was able to pay for almost all of Christmas without it coming out of the budget. YEAH! Now, I just have to get through inventory! LOL! I forgot that I signed up for a PIF stitching group and a stitching pals group last year that starts this month. I'm happy that I will have this to look forward to. I have a family situation that is ongoing here at the house and it involves our house guests of #1 and the grandchildren. If anyone out there is reading this, please pray for a resolution to this situation. I can't go into details because it's her life and God knows what the path will be already, I just hope that good decisions are made and it works out the best for everyone involved. I've just given it over. I can't worry anymore. It's not really my situation. But it's hard when you love the people involved so much. But it's not my situation. Maybe if I repeat it enough....... yeah. That will help. I love sarcasm, don't you??

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