Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Start

Well, it's 2010 and I'm starting (yet again) a blog. I have others, but this one I am going to commit to. There will be decorating, drama, complaining, and goal setting (and hopefully achieving) and a little bit of everything else thrown in. We were thinking about moving back to Tennessee in the summer, but should we really be looking for new jobs with the current economic climate when Big Daddy has one that is perfectly good, makes him happy and pays the bills? And, I really like my little part time job. It's just enough to keep me out of the house some and I do enjoy the discount for employees! I think the kids would be ok staying. We will have to look for a new house, as we are tired of the trailer park, even if it's a nice one. We just want a yard. I would like to garden some and have maybe a little more storage. I think we will start looking in the spring and we will take the winter to fix up some things that will help this house sell. It is a nice house and someone will love it, I'm sure. It's big and nice for a family. Am I disappointed about not moving back to the South? Honestly, yes. It's a little depressing, which is the last thing I need right now. But, it is what you make it and I can be happy here. As long as Big Daddy is happy, I will be ok with it. We currently have a house guest, so Christmas decorations will come down on Sunday, I think. The house is always a little depressing after all the decorations are down. Maybe I will go ahead and put out some pretty things for Valentine's Day. I bought some really pretty pink plates for the kitchen table and today when out shopping I will look for more "pretties". I think I will go to TJ Maxx and see what's out there. Next post may be about my cute table! LOL! Well, Happy New Year. Here are my resolutions:
1) See the good, look for the happy, try the positive
2) Declutter
3) Look for a new house
4) Keep a neater house
5) Work on faith and God issues
6) Remember to be thankful, especially for Big Daddy and try to make him feel more special
7) Help the older kids be more independent and help them on their path without being the doormat
8) Make at least 6 baby hats a month for Mary's Cradle
9) Start finishing some projects
10) See the good, look for the happy, try the positive

On the first of the month, I plan to check my list and see how I'm doing. Accountability. Right.

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