Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here Are Some Things I Don't Quite Understand

1) Why SOME people in my house think that leaving an empty shampoo bottle in the shower will mean that the shower fairy will fill it up. STOP IT! I'm the only one who puts new shampoo in there and I need to see that there isn't any shampoo to replace it. Thank you.
2) If you are going in the "in" door, please don't stop in the middle of it to text, read a text, or talk to your friend. Keep it moving, people.
3) Also, on that subject, the IN door is for going IN.
4) Please don't tell me you're going to do something and then not do it. And then ignore the fact that you didn't do it. Kharma, people.
5) I work (Occaisonally and only when absolutely necessary) for an upscale department store. Why would a man feel it was necessary to walk through at the close of the evening with his "part" hanging out? Really? OMG.
ok, I feel better now. I'm off tomorrow and I'm posting about the finishes I've had lately. No news to share yet, but I'm waiting somewhat patiently. Ok, not patiently. But I have no choice! Oh, anyone interested in an exchange of sorts? My thought was to fill up a $10.70 post paid box with cross stitch goodies, maybe patterns we won't stitch, or fabric or even just little gifties. You would take out what you would like to keep and then replace it with like-items? Anyone interested? Will work out the logistics if I get some interest. Later!!

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  1. I'd be up to an exchange of sorts. That sounds like lots of fun.