Friday, September 17, 2010

Finishes! Yeah!!

Well, here are some finishes that I have done lately. Before you start worrying that my children are going hungry and my house is messy (well, that one doesn't count) let me tell you that some of these were finished months ago and I found them in the "to-be-finished" basket or maybe they were half-done and also, I have had alot of time waiting for practices to end, school to get out, stc. There. I've justified. As I finish-finish each one, I will post a pic and I hope to get alot of them done this weekend. And we have started Halloween decorating. I love,love, love Halloween and I usually put the stuff up the 1st of Oct. or right after my birthday on the 27th, but this year I am early because I want to do some crafts that might take some time to finish. Well, I'll post more tomorrow. Taking #2 to the Big City to the airport so he can go south and visit with the Cute Girlfriend. See ya!!


  1. (((Drooling)))

    Lovely finishes!

  2. What cute finishes, Lisa! Your Halloween decorating will be very spooky and fun :)

  3. YAY!!!!! Those are all too cute!!!