Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Floss Storage

Can we just chat a moment about floss storage? I have been stitching a long time and I have never really had the perfect floss storage system. I started out with a fishing tackle box. The Plano one? Anyone remember that or have one? That was OK but then, somewhere along the line, I got more floss. And more floss. Maybe it grows in the dark? Yeah, that's the one I am going with. It certainly isn't that I am too lazy to look for floss, so I just buy what the project needs. No, ma'am, I would not do that :) So I started to organize in the little plastic floss boxes. Ugh. This is what I have at the moment in the stitching room.
So, here's the plan. I am having a box for the 100's, the 200's, etc. of DMC. If there are duplicates, I am planning to store those in a box, after I make a list. Not sure how I have duplicates..... yeah, right. Then, when I use up a skein, I will look to see if I have a duplicate in the box and if not, THEN I buy. I have almost all the DMC colors. I will have a full set when I am done organizing. Oh, and here's a tidbit that I am sure you all know. I am always late to the party. If you write on the floss boxes in permanent marker and you need to change what you wrote or erase, you can easily erase with a magic eraser. I used the kind from the Dollar Tree and it worked just fine. So, that's my plan. I am stitching alot - here are some snaps. Will update my stitching through JCS Halloween issue later - I was planning to finish 26 projects! Yikes! Any comments on floss storage? What's your favorite system?



  1. I use the tall boxes with skinny drawers you can get at WalMart or Meijer or other places. each drawer holds 4 colors without having to wind them on cards (I hate doing that). I printed out labels for the drawers and then mounted two cabinets, one on top of the other on my craft room wall. Oh, I also spray painted them an antique white instead of the yucky blue they come in. Also, I found a great app on floss storage so you will know what you need when you go shopping. Try XStitcher in your App search. It lets you input how many skeins you have, lets you build a shopping list and has a project file as well. Of course, you have to update it as you add/use floss but I really like it. You can see a picture of my floss storage system on April 26, 2009. I've since mounted them on the wall (one on top of the other) behind my stitching chair. Organizing all my silks and over dyes is another problem...

  2. I use those archive photo boxes meant for scrapebookers (thanks, gals!). I keep my DMC in open floss-away bags, numbered and labled in about six shoe-box sized boxes. The overdyes, CC, GA, WDW, I keep in alphabetical order on rings in the flat boxes. The same arrangement works for my Belle Soie and other silks (Caron, Gloriana, etc.). Each box is appropriately labled with brand and either the letter or number range it contains. Then the boxes stack all nice and orderly on the shelves of my stash closet waiting patiently.

    OCD-ly yours...

  3. My floss storage are those drawer units that you can buy at Walmart or Home Depot that have little drawers that men put their nails and things in. I have two of them and four colors of floss reside in each drawer. I put little labels on the front and I'm good to go. My overdyed fibers are in a hanging file type system (of which I can't remember the name right now). They are on tags and the tags snap into the hangers. It's a great system because the tags have holes drilled in them and you can put them on a ring when you're working on your project.

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  5. I have the blue thing, a real DMC small wooden floss box plus 4 of the boxes like you have. Still don't have it all in the boxes,LOL! Still trying to get organized but have too much stuff from several crafts.