Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm A Winner! And Some Finishes!!

A great big thanks to Jeanine from http://okiobdesigns.blogspot.com/ - I won a giveaway on her blog and the package was so wonderful! Here's a pic of the beautiful package I didn't want to spoil by opening, but when I opened it, there were some great treasures! Go check out her blog - it's great!

I decided to do a picture wall down the hallway to the bedrooms. I like the idea of a picture wall, but the placement of the pictures was very scary. Finally, after WAY too much thought, I decided to close my eyes and hang the first picture and go from there. So far, so good. There is no rhyme or reason to it - just what I think looks good and the pictures are just the ones that made me smile. I am sure it will be a work in progress, since I will want to update pictures along the way. It is hard to take a picture of the hallway, but here is a shot from one end and a shot from the other. I am happy with it!
It's not done yet - there are more pictures yet to frame so I hope that the wall will be filled with family. It makes me smile every time I walk to my room. Success! Too many times I see things on Pinterest or blogs and just agonize over how to do it the "right" way. I should just DO IT already and stop with all the over-analysis. Next project is to paint the downstairs bathroom and I have a great idea for a wall in our bar area. I am going to paint it with chalkboard paint so that guests can doodle on it. Yep, another Pinterest idea. Oh, that site will be the death of me!! But I love it - so happy there are alot of people out there alot more creative than me!
 Finally, here are some finishes, but not the complete finish. I like to finish my smalls with a vintage button on the back or in the design. I am auditioning buttons for these finishes, but the are ready for the final touches. Some of them had been sitting for awhile, so I am glad to get them done.
Almost done!

Love the colors in this!

So happy to find the perfect backing fabric for a project. Taking these colors and using them in the master bedroom. LOVE!

Well, thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for the painting of the bathroom saga - wait till you see the color! Yikes!


  1. Great giveaway win!! And your picture wall looks great. I have a suggestion for hanging in the future so you don't have to fret about the placement (a trick I learned somewhere). Trace around your pictures onto shopping bags or brown paper and cut them out. Then stick them to the wall and move them around until you get a placement that you like. Then pierce the paper and wall with a few taps of the hammer and nail (or whatever you use), remove the paper and you have a small indent where you complete putting the hanger in. It works like a charm.

  2. Your picture wall looks great, Lisa! I have a similar wall in my upstairs hallway, too. Your stitching finishes are fabulous - great job!

  3. So glad everything arrived safe and sound! I'll be doing more giveaways soon!