Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm Stitching

Who knew that a hurricane would affect those of us here in Michigan? While we are no where near as devastated as the people on the Eastern coast, we did have a scary night here. We are very close to Lake Huron and there were reported 20 foot waves. All around us, people were losing their power. We were lucky and only lost our internet, phone and cable for a day and a half and a few trees. The youngest hasn't been in school for the last two days because the school doesn't have power. It has calmed down here ALOT and looks as though the trick or treaters will be able to do their thing. We got our garage cabinets installed last week and the storage is fantastic. With all the weather issues, I haven't had time to get all the shelves in, but that is on the list for tomorrow.  See all the storage?
Hockey season has started here and that is the time that I get alot of stitching done. There is so much time spent waiting at the rink. I also got alot of stitching done when the cable was out. These are the two - one I finished and the other I should finish tonight. Loved them both! I will Halloween stitch until about the middle of November then will start on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Take care, friends! Talk to you soon!!

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