Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Organizing, but Almost There!

The floss organization is coming along nicely! Thanks for the comments on how you store your floss. There are alot of "accessories" when you cross stitch or craft, and I am so lucky to have a craft room. I hope to show pictures of it when I get done with the floss organization, but that would mean cleaning it, soooo...... Well, I might.

Here are some pics of the stitching I have been stitching on. Still working my way through the magazine, but when I was organizing, I came across some other projects that needed just a few stitches. Also, I have an insane love of candy corn,so I bought "Death by Candy Corn" and hope to finsh it today. Well, off to put laundry in the dryer and then it's stitching time!


  1. You and your stitching inspire me. I'm so slow with mine. Oh well, one day!

  2. Such cute little pillows! Wish I could stitch!