Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can you keep up?

OK, here's a little snippet of how our evening should go - try to keep up. I will work until 4:30, then proceed to friend's house to pick up her child's hockey bag and stick, making sure that I get the right one (he plays 2 positions, lucky parents) and then proceed to myhouse to pick up my personal child and his hockey bag and stick. Make sure that I grab the snack basket on the way out the door, to privide excellent nutrition to both children. Then, proceed to the middle school to pick up friend's child from wrestling practice and load him in the car. Small car. 2 hockey bags, 2 teenagers and 3 hockey sticks. And the snack basket. Let's not forget about that. Then, race (within the speed limit of course) to hockey practice at 5:45. They will have about 15 minutes to get dressed. YIKES! Then reverse to go home. Crazy, I'm telling you. Will post more tomorrow on how the evening went and tomorrow is FINISHING FRIDAY!!!

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