Friday, March 26, 2010

Finishing Friday postponed and I sold my first item on Ebay! Cross stitch charts for sale

Life has gotten in the way of finishing today and the day got away from me. Tomorrow we are driving to Ohio to pick up a truck that #3 bought from his Grandad.So, finishing is postponed until Monday, I think. I'm bummed. I've been getting so many projects done. I need to get rid of more charts and the faster I finish, the more I get rid of. I listed something on ebay to see how it's done. It was easier than I thought and the item sold today!!! I'm so excited! I think I will post more things tomorrow. I have several Prairie Schooler charts that I have duplicates of that need to go and a cool hockey quilt pattern that I ended up buying twice. They should go up for sale tomorrow evening, if you are interested. I thought about just posting them here, but I don't have many readers so I think I can reach more buyers on ebay. Any thoughts? Oh and I will have the Little House Needleworks He's a Flake pattern up for sale, too. I stitched it twice and I'm on to the Pears. Well, have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Cool! How are you listed on eBay so we can find you?

    I would also post a link here to the eBay listings. This way we can go to them directly and help you out!

    Have a great weekend!