Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twice In One Day!

Oh, I'm doing the happy dance! Just got the mail and got my second LHN ornament pattern. I'm doing Snowy Pines next. I think I ordered Pears too. It hasn't come yet, but I also ordered a little card from Prairie Schooler with a cute snowman to add to my collection. I can't start anything new until after Finishing Friday. I have to get some of the starts I have finished. At least the stitching part. I have a serious case of Startitis. I just get so excited about these patterns. Tomorrow I can post a picture of the exchange I did for Michelle, since I had an email that she got it in the mail. I can't wait to show you what she made for me. It's awesome!!


  1. hats?? why are you making so many??

  2. They are baby hats for preemies and newborns. I make the hats and booties and send them to my Mom in West Virginia. Her knitting group makes them too and then they take them to the hospital and to a group that makes sure that every baby has something new to take home or wear home. It's an area that has a high degree of poverty. I have so much fun making them!!!