Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Have Serious Problem

Ok, I'm sitting in the car after picking up #5 from school. He's 14. Almost 15 (in exactly 1 month). He is .........growing a mustache.
This can't happen. I told him to shave it off. Posthaste. He LAUGHED at me. Doesn't he understand that it's like my heart was stabbed through!! He's just a baby. My baby. Arrgghh. This was after a rough morning. After a blissful hour of stitching upon arising, which is my custom, I was hungry. For a candy bar. Which I located. And ate. Then, I cried because a) I ate a candybar for breakfast and 2) most importantly, it was GONE. Today has been a better day, though. But still no shaving!

1 comment:

  1. And LOOK the world still revolves and you are still all is good! Ha! I rememeber those days of my little ones growing up too! Tugs at the heart doesn't it? You will feel much better about things in life! :)